Thin Film Deposition

The Thin Film Laboratory of the OUT e.V. prepares conductors and isolators by means of physical and chemical vapour deposition as they are used in microelectronics and optics. Our technical facilities:
  • Magnetron sputtering system (Leybold Z400):
  • DC- and 13.56 MHz-discharges possible
  • reactive deposition with oxygen and nitrogen possible
  • 3 x 75 mm-targets are rotatable
  • in situ cleaning of the samples via diode plasma
  • max. substrate size 3"
  • max. substrate thickness ~ 8 mm
  • target materials:
    metals: Al, Ag, Au, Au:Ge, Au:Be, C, Cr, Cr:Ni (50 wt%), Cu, Fe, Ge, In,
    In:Sn (10 wt%), Mg, Mo, MoSi2, Ni, Ni:Cr (20 at%), Ni:V, Pb, Pd, Pt, Ru, Si, Sn,
    Sn:Sb (6 wt%), Sn:Sb (12 wt%), Ti, Ti:Nb (6 wt%), Ti:Ta (10 wt%), Ti:V (3 wt%),
    Ti:Zr (6 wt%), TiSi2, W, W:Ti, Zn, Zn:Al (2 wt%), Zr:Y

    Oxides: ITO (90/10 at%), In2O3:ZrO2, In2O3:Mo, ZnO, SiO2, SnO2, TiO2, ZrO2

    Nitride: AlNx, BN, Si3N4, CrNx

Leybold Z400
  • PECVD (Leybold Z401SE):
  • 13.56 MHz- and 81.36 MHz-discharge possible
  • Si3N4 aus SH4+N2

Leybold Z401SE